Altura EC Review: Starting From $1,375 PSF But Near ACS Primary & Efficient Layouts Altura EC Review: Starting From $1,375 PSF But Near ACS Primary & Efficient Layouts

In the competitive real estate market of Singapore, Altura EC, with its prime location near ACS Primary and efficient layouts, presents an enticing prospect for homebuyers. Priced at $1,375 per square foot, this exclusive condominium development promises a perfect blend of convenience and modern living. As we delve into an in-depth review of Altura EC, this article brings you all the essential information to help you make an informed decision about your future home.

The newly launched Altura EC development presents an opportunity for potential homebuyers to secure a unit at attractive starting prices from $1,375 per square foot. Situated conveniently near the esteemed ACS Primary School, this development offers an ideal location for families seeking quality education for their children. With its competitive pricing and strategic proximity, Altura EC stands out as a promising investment option for discerning buyers.

Delve into a closer examination of Altura EC’s unique and efficient layouts. Designed with utmost thought and attention to detail, these layouts maximize space utilization while ensuring functionality and comfort. By exploring the layout options, buyers can appreciate the thoughtful planning that goes into each unit, making Altura EC a project worth considering.

An in-depth analysis unveils Altura EC’s affordable pricing and advantageous proximity to the top-ranked ACS Primary School. With home prices becoming increasingly unattainable, Altura EC provides an opportunity for prospective buyers to invest in a desirable property at a competitive market rate. Supported by reputable developer Far East Organization and its track record of delivering quality residences such as The Reserve Residences, Altura EC guarantees a reliable investment choice for those seeking a well-priced and conveniently located property in the heart of the city.

  • Altura EC offers attractive starting prices from $1,375 per square foot
  • Conveniently located near ACS Primary School
  • Efficient and unique layouts that maximize space utilization
  • Affordable pricing and proximity to top-ranked ACS Primary School for a desirable investment
  • Strategically situated in the city center with access to amenities
  • Developed by reputable developer Far East Organization

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In conclusion, the Altura EC development presents a compelling proposition for discerning homebuyers seeking an ideal balance between affordability and quality. With prices starting from $1,375 per square foot, this residential gem offers an accessible entry point into one of Singapore’s prime locations. The project’s proximity to reputable institutions like ACS Primary enhances its charm, making it an attractive choice for families with school-going children.

Additionally, Altura EC distinguishes itself from its counterparts by offering efficient layouts that maximize space utilization without compromising on aesthetics. This feature ensures residents the luxury of comfortable living within their respective abodes.

As we have explored in this article, the Altura EC development exemplifies a meticulous fusion of affordability, convenience, and excellent design. Its strategic location near ACS Primary and its commitment to efficient layouts are testaments to the developer’s dedication to providing a superior living experience for its residents.

With much to offer and a bright future ahead, Altura EC stands as a promising option for individuals and families seeking the perfect blend of modern living and convenience in Singapore’s thriving real estate market.
Altura EC Review: Starting From $1,375 PSF But Near ACS Primary & Efficient Layouts

Altura EC, a new Executive Condominium development located in the heart of Singapore, offers a unique combination of affordability and convenience. With prices starting from $1,375 per square foot (PSF), this highly sought-after development is attracting attention from investors and homebuyers alike. Its strategic location near ACS Primary School, as well as its efficient and well-designed layouts, make Altura EC an attractive option for those looking to call it home.

One of the key selling points of Altura EC is its proximity to ACS Primary School. The prestigious school is just a stone’s throw away, making it an ideal choice for families with young children. Parents can rest assured that their children’s educational needs are well taken care of, and the daily commute will be a breeze. This convenience adds significant value to Altura EC, as education is a priority for many homeowners.

In addition to its proximity to ACS Primary School, Altura EC boasts efficient layouts that maximize space and comfort. The apartments are thoughtfully designed, offering functional spaces and a seamless flow throughout. The developers have taken great care in ensuring that each unit is well-proportioned and optimized for modern living. From the moment one steps into an Altura EC unit, they will be greeted with a sense of spaciousness and a well-thought-out floor plan.

Another highlight of Altura EC is its attractive price point. With prices starting from $1,375 PSF, this development offers great value for money. While it might be deemed slightly higher than other Executive Condominiums in the area, the proximity to ACS Primary School and the efficient layouts justify the price. Moreover, considering the potential for capital appreciation in the future, investing in Altura EC proves to be a wise choice.

Altura EC also boasts a range of amenities and facilities that cater to the needs of its residents. The development features a swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, landscaped gardens, and a children’s playground, among others. These facilities provide an opportunity for residents to relax, socialize, and enjoy an enhanced quality of life within the development itself.

Furthermore, Altura EC is well-connected to the rest of Singapore via major expressways and public transportation. Residents can easily access the Central Business District, Orchard Road, and other key areas of the island. The upcoming Thomson-East Coast Line will also provide seamless connectivity, further enhancing the accessibility of Altura EC.

In conclusion, Altura EC presents a compelling proposition for both investors and homebuyers. Its strategic location near ACS Primary School, coupled with its efficient layouts and attractive price point, make it an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. With its range of amenities and excellent connectivity, Altura EC promises to be a promising investment opportunity.