Duxton Road conservation shophouse with nightclub approval for sale at $9.8 mil

https://pixnio.com/free-images/2017/08/04/2017-08-04-13-32-23.jpg Duxton Road Conservation Shophouse with Nightclub Approval for Sale at $9.8 Million

In the heart of Singapore’s vibrant Duxton Road, an exceptional opportunity has emerged for investors seeking a unique blend of historical charm and modern entertainment potential. A beautifully preserved shophouse, complete with invaluable conservation status and rare nightclub approval, has been put up for sale. With a price tag of $9.8 million, this iconic property promises to fulfill the aspirations of astute buyers looking to acquire a distinctive piece of Singapore’s rich architectural heritage. This article explores the allure and significance of this Duxton Road shophouse, epitomizing the merging of Singapore’s past and present within the realms of commercial real estate.

The prominent Duxton Road conservation shophouse, located in the heart of Singapore’s bustling Tanjong Pagar district, has recently been granted approval to operate as a nightclub and is now up for sale at a remarkable price of $9.8 million. This rare opportunity presents potential buyers with the chance to acquire a stunning heritage property that comes with the coveted nightclub license, allowing for a lucrative business venture in the vibrant nightlife scene.

The highly sought-after Duxton Road conservation shophouse, known for its rich heritage and architectural charm, is now available on the market at an impressive price of $9.8 million. Along with the acquisition of this prestigious property, the buyer will also enjoy exclusive nightclub privileges. This presents a unique opportunity to own a piece of Singapore’s history while tapping into the thriving entertainment industry.

Offering a heritage-centric experience, this Duxton Road shophouse, with its approved nightclub usage, has been listed for sale at an exceptional price of $9.8 million. Its prime location and immaculately preserved exterior make it an attractive investment for buyers seeking a blend of historical significance and modern business prospects. The Reserve Residences, a leading condominium development in the area, offers potential buyers a chance to explore luxury living options nearby. Developed by the reputable Far East Organization, the Reserve Residences embody sophistication and elegance, making it the perfect complement to the heritage shophouse lifestyle.

  • Key Features:
    • Prominent Duxton Road conservation shophouse with a nightclub license
    • Prime location in the bustling Tanjong Pagar district
    • Historically significant heritage property
    • Exclusive nightclub privileges
  • Contact Information:
    • For inquiries or to arrange a viewing, please contact the sales team at The Reserve Residences. Visit the official website for more details

In conclusion, the prestigious shophouse located on Duxton Road presents a unique opportunity for astute individuals seeking a remarkable investment in Singapore’s vibrant real estate market. With its remarkable conservation status and rare nightclub approval, this property stands as a testament to the rich historical heritage of the area, while also offering immense potential for lucrative returns.

Priced at $9.8 million, this iconic shophouse is a testament to architectural excellence, blending old-world charm with modern-day allure. Its strategic location in the heart of the Central Business District ensures high visibility and foot traffic, making it an ideal setting for diverse businesses.

Furthermore, the recent approval for a nightclub within the premises adds a new layer of versatility to this sought-after property. With Singapore’s ever-evolving entertainment scene, the potential for this space to emerge as a premier nightlife destination cannot be overstated. The rare combination of a conservation shophouse coupled with nightclub approval positions this property as a unique and exceptional investment opportunity.

Prospective buyers would do well to consider the numerous advantages this shophouse offers, from its historical significance and architectural splendor to its prime location and dynamic potential for future growth. With its rich heritage and investment potential, this standout property on Duxton Road is truly a gem that discerning investors should not overlook.

Envisioned as a testament to the city’s rich past and its future aspirations, this shophouse serves as a tangible representation of preservation and progress. Whether it be the allure of its majestic facade or the prospects of transforming it into a hotspot thriving with activity, the possibilities for this property are as vast as the ambitions of those who seek to invest in it.

In summary, the Duxton Road conservation shophouse with nightclub approval, priced at $9.8 million, encapsulates the essence of Singaporean real estate at its finest. Combining historical significance, architectural grandeur, and the potential for substantial returns, this property holds immense value for those seeking a prestigious and lucrative investment in the city’s ever-evolving landscape. With its profound character and unparalleled potential, this property is poised to make an indelible mark on Singapore’s vibrant business and nightlife scene for years to come.
Duxton Road Conservation Shophouse with Nightclub Approval for Sale at $9.8 Mil

Singapore’s rich heritage is not only reflected in its iconic landmarks but also in its beautifully preserved conservation shophouses. These unique structures, often found in historical districts, capture the essence of the city-state’s past and tell stories of its vibrant multicultural history. One such gem, situated in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, is the Duxton Road conservation shophouse with nightclub approval, currently up for sale at the attractive price of $9.8 million.

Duxton Road serves as a captivating blend of modernity and tradition, offering a picturesque streetscape lined with heritage-rich buildings. Amidst these architectural marvels stands this particular shophouse, exuding an aura of nostalgia and charm. Its classic facade, intricately adorned with detailed accents, beckons passersby to appreciate its timeless beauty.

What sets this shophouse apart is its rare night-entertainment approval, a unique feature that transforms it into an exceptional investment opportunity. Nightclubs in Singapore typically face stringent licensing regulations, making it notoriously challenging to acquire such permissions. However, with this property, potential buyers are presented with a golden chance to own a shophouse that already comes equipped with this sought-after approval, saving both time and effort.

Spread over three levels, this shophouse offers vast unexplored potential for various ventures. The ground floor’s welcoming entrance leads to a spacious living area, allowing for an elegant retail space or a trendy F&B establishment. The upper stories boast generous rooms, which can be transformed into chic office spaces, luxurious accommodations, or even artist studios. The possibilities are endless, limited only by the new owner’s imagination and vision.

Additionally, this Duxton Road shophouse is equipped with modern facilities and amenities, ensuring both functionality and comfort. The property’s excellent maintenance and preservation further enhance its appeal, offering a seamless blend of historical charm and contemporary comforts.

The strategic location of the shophouse adds another layer of desirability. Situated amidst the trendy Tanjong Pagar district, it benefits from the area’s vibrant energy and proximity to a thriving business hub. Tanjong Pagar is a melting pot of food, culture, and entertainment, making it an ideal location for any enterprise seeking to cater to a diverse and cosmopolitan audience.

The opportunity to acquire a Duxton Road conservation shophouse with a nightclub approval is rare and highly coveted. The prestigious address, coupled with the property’s historical significance, offers a solid investment prospect for both individuals and businesses alike. The asking price of $9.8 million is justifiable, considering the property’s unique attributes, prime location, and potential for substantial returns.

As Singapore continues to evolve, preserving and valuing its architectural heritage becomes increasingly important. Shophouses like this one remind us of the rich tapestry of the city’s past and its multifaceted identity. The offering of this Duxton Road shophouse with a nightclub approval at $9.8 million provides a tantalizing opportunity for those seeking to own a piece of Singapore’s vibrant history while making a sound investment.

In summary, the Duxton Road conservation shophouse, equipped with the rare approval for a nightclub, is an exciting property available on the market. With its exquisite craftsmanship, strategic location, versatile usage potential, and historical significance, it presents an attractive proposition for discerning buyers. This unique gem encapsulates the essence of Singapore’s architectural beauty and heritage, promising to make its next owner proud.