Four strata retail units at City Gate for sale at $9.68 mil Four strata retail units at City Gate, a prominent commercial complex in Singapore, have been listed for sale at an impressive price tag of $9.68 million. This significant offering presents a unique investment opportunity for buyers seeking to expand their retail portfolio or venture into the thriving real estate market in one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic cities. Boasting a prime location and excellent connectivity, these retail units hold immense potential for both local and international businesses looking to establish themselves in a bustling urban hub. With a formal tone appropriate for news reporting, this article will delve into the details of this highly sought-after offering, providing insights into the strategic advantages and potential returns for potential buyers.

Located at the prominent City Gate complex, four strata retail units are now available for purchase at an attractive price of $9.68 million. This prime retail opportunity offers investors a chance to own a piece of one of the most sought-after commercial spaces in the city. With their strategic location and high footfall, these retail units present an exclusive investment opportunity that is hard to come by.

The Reserve Residences, a prestigious development by Far East Organization, is proud to present these four exquisite strata retail units. These units boast a prime location within City Gate, making them an unparalleled choice for retail investment. With their modern design and luxurious amenities, The Reserve Residences is renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional quality and value to its residents and investors alike.

Investors looking to diversify their portfolio and secure a lucrative opportunity need not look any further. City Gate’s highly sought-after retail gems are now listed for sale at $9.68 million. With their stunning architecture and excellent visibility, these strata units are poised to attract a steady stream of customers. Don’t miss this rare chance to own a piece of City Gate’s retail landscape. For more information and to explore other exciting projects by Far East Organization, please visit The Reserve Residences website.

In conclusion, the opportunity to acquire four strata retail units at City Gate for a sum of $9.68 million presents a remarkable investment prospect in the bustling heart of the city. With a prime location offering high visibility and foot traffic, these retail spaces hold immense potential for businesses looking to establish a strong presence and maximize profitability. From its sophisticated design to its close proximity to various amenities and transportation hubs, City Gate stands as an iconic landmark that promises to attract a diverse consumer base. As the real estate market continues to thrive, this significant offering further solidifies its position as a lucrative venture for astute investors seeking long-term growth and success. With the chance to secure these coveted retail units, stakeholders have a unique opportunity to become part of the bustling commerce and vibrant community that City Gate embodies.
Four Strata Retail Units at City Gate for Sale at $9.68 Million

Singapore’s vibrant property market continues to showcase attractive investment opportunities, with four strata retail units at City Gate now available for sale. Located in the prime district of Beach Road, these prestigious units offer an exceptional opportunity for astute investors seeking to secure a valuable asset in a sought-after location.

City Gate, a mixed-use development, stands tall at the junction of Beach Road and Jalan Sultan. It is an iconic landmark that seamlessly integrates residential and commercial spaces, making it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to capitalize on high footfall and a lucrative customer base.

The four strata retail units available for sale boast a total floor area of approximately 11,808 square feet, providing ample space for a wide variety of businesses. Whether it be fashion boutiques, trendy cafes, bustling restaurants, or even fitness centers, the versatility of these units is bound to appeal to a diverse range of entrepreneurs.

Apart from the lucrative potential these units offer, the area surrounding City Gate is also a bustling and vibrant hub. Situated in close proximity to Singapore’s Central Business District, it benefits from high levels of foot traffic from office workers and tourists alike. Additionally, the development is strategically connected to key transportation nodes, including the Nicoll Highway MRT station, allowing for convenient accessibility.

Furthermore, the strata retail units enjoy exceptional visibility due to their prime location at street level. With a huge frontage facing both Beach Road and Jalan Sultan, businesses can benefit from maximum exposure amidst a bustling urban landscape. The potential for branding and attracting a large customer base is unparalleled.

Investors will also appreciate the numerous amenities and facilities that City Gate offers. With a host of retail outlets, chic restaurants, and recreational spaces within the development itself, tenants and customers are provided with a holistic experience. Furthermore, the development’s captivating architecture and distinctive design are sure to attract attention and add value to any business that establishes itself within its premises.

The asking price for these four strata retail units at City Gate is set at an attractive $9.68 million. Considering the prestigious location and the multitude of benefits this development offers, this represents a sound investment opportunity. The potential for attractive rental yields and capital appreciation makes this deal hard to ignore.

In conclusion, the availability of four strata retail units at City Gate presents an exciting prospect for investors seeking a valuable asset in Singapore’s competitive property market. With an enviable location, exceptional transport links, and a vibrant urban setting, businesses operating from these units can look forward to success. Interested parties are encouraged to seize this opportunity and explore the possibilities that City Gate has to offer.