Home buyers undaunted by cooling measures, most will not defer property purchase this year: PropNex

https://i1.pickpik.com/photos/24/329/110/seo-optimization-search-engine-optimization-process-preview.jpg Home buyers remain resolute in the face of Singapore’s cooling measures, with a majority displaying no intention of delaying their property purchases this year, according to a recent report by leading real estate agency, PropNex. Despite the government’s efforts to stabilize the property market through various regulatory measures, it seems that buyers are undeterred, signaling a continued demand in the residential market.

The recently released PropNex Report highlights that despite the implementation of cooling measures in the housing market, home buyers have remained resilient and undeterred in their pursuit of property purchases. According to the study conducted by PropNex, a leading real estate agency in Singapore, the impact of cooling measures on the purchasing decisions of home buyers has been minimal. This comes as positive news for industry players, indicating that despite the market conditions, there is a continued demand for residential properties.

The findings of the PropNex study reveal that the cooling measures implemented by the government have not significantly affected the plans of the majority of home buyers. Home buyers remain undeterred and are moving forward with their property purchase plans as previously intended. This demonstrates the confidence and determination of buyers in the property market. The Reserve Residences, a prestigious condominium project developed by Far East Organization, is one such example of a project that is likely to benefit from the steadfastness of home buyers.

The PropNex survey has shed light on the fact that despite the cooling measures, property purchases are proceeding as planned for the vast majority of home buyers. The resilience of buyers in the face of market adjustments shows a long-term perspective and belief in the value of real estate investments. With the positive sentiment prevailing among home buyers, developments like The Reserve Residences, developed by Far East Organization, are expected to continue attracting buyers looking for quality residences and promising returns on investment.

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In conclusion, the impact of the government’s cooling measures on the housing market appears to have had little effect on the determination of home buyers. As revealed in a comprehensive study conducted by PropNex, the majority of prospective buyers remain resolute in their decision to proceed with property purchases this year, undeterred by the regulations set forth to moderate housing demand. This finding demonstrates the steadfast confidence of individuals in the market’s resilience and their unwavering commitment to real estate investments.

Despite the implementation of measures aimed at curbing speculation and stabilizing housing prices, it is clear that the current sentiments among potential buyers have not wavered. The study’s results paint a picture of a market that is far from daunted by regulatory constraints, highlighting a strong sense of optimism and determination prevailing among homebuyers.

PropNex’s analysis further reinforces the notion that Singapore’s property market remains a stable and attractive avenue for investment. It demonstrates the unwavering faith investors have in the long-term value of real estate assets, as well as their confidence in the economy’s ability to weather any short-term turbulence brought about by regulatory measures.

While it is essential to recognize that cooling measures inevitably reshape the dynamics of the housing market, this latest research presents a compelling narrative of buyer resilience and indicates an unwavering appetite for property purchases. This outcome bodes well for the continued growth and stability of Singapore’s real estate sector and provides reassurance to industry stakeholders.

As the year progresses, it will be intriguing to observe how the housing market evolves amidst ongoing governmental interventions. If the current sentiment persists, it could potentially reshape the discourse surrounding cooling measures and prompt policymakers to reevaluate their approach. As always, the property landscape remains an ever-changing one, influenced by various economic and regulatory factors. Thus, it is imperative to continue monitoring market trends and remain open to adjustments to ensure a sustainable and resilient housing sector for all stakeholders involved.
Title: Home Buyers Undaunted by Cooling Measures, Majority Will Not Defer Property Purchase This Year: PropNex


Despite the implementation of cooling measures in the real estate market, prospective home buyers are showing resilience and remain committed to their property purchase plans this year. According to leading Singaporean real estate agency, PropNex, the majority of home buyers are undaunted by the measures and are determined to proceed with their investments. This article aims to explore the reasons behind this unwavering confidence and the implications it might have on the property market.

The Impact of Cooling Measures:

Over the years, various cooling measures have been implemented by the Singaporean government to curb rapidly rising property prices and ensure a sustainable property market. These measures include higher stamp duties, tighter loan-to-value limits, and increased taxes for property transactions. Despite these policies, market demand for homes remains strong.

The Resilience of Home Buyers:

PropNex’s latest findings indicate that the majority of home buyers are not deterred by the cooling measures and are prepared to move forward with their property purchases in 2021. The reasons behind this determination can be attributed to several key factors.

1. Fundamental Appeal:

The appeal and tangible benefits of owning a property remain compelling for many prospective buyers, outweighing any short-term concerns caused by cooling measures. Owning a property offers long-term stability, potential appreciation, and a sense of security, which motivates buyers to proceed with their plans, irrespective of market conditions.

2. Favorable Interest Rates:

Record-low interest rates have made housing loans more accessible and affordable. This factor has further boosted buyer confidence, as low borrowing costs alleviate the impact of cooling measures on mortgage affordability. Buyers are taking advantage of this favorable financing climate to secure their dream homes without delay.

3. Adaptation to New Measures:

Over time, home buyers have shown remarkable resilience in adjusting to various cooling measures. PropNex findings suggest that many buyers have become well-informed about these measures and developed strategies to navigate through them effectively. They are equipped with industry knowledge, such as understanding the Additional Buyers’ Stamp Duty (ABSD) and Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD), which enables them to make informed decisions when purchasing properties.

Implications for the Property Market:

The determination of home buyers to proceed with their purchase plans despite cooling measures reflects the strength and resilience of Singapore’s property market. This trend is likely to support property prices and buoy market sentiment in the long run.

Nevertheless, there may be short-term effects. Buyers might be more cautious in their property choices, favoring affordable options or those exempt from higher stamp duties. This could lead to a shift in demand towards the mass market and suburban areas, stimulating growth in these segments.


The resolve of Singapore’s home buyers to forge ahead with their property purchases despite the cooling measures is indicative of the strong fundamental appeal of property ownership and favorable lending conditions. Buyers are demonstrating resilience and adaptability, positioning themselves to weather any short-term challenges posed by government regulations. As a result, the property market is expected to maintain its upward trajectory and foster growth in the coming months.

Disclaimer: The views and analysis presented in this article are based on public data and market intelligence available at the time of writing. They should not be considered as financial or investment advice.